Healing in Circle


“When we move in synchronicity with The Great Mystery, which is love, miracles happen and from this place we can transform our reality to live life more fully from a place of wholeness.” 

~ Michele Walters


I provide a range of services geared towards connecting you more clearly and strongly towards your true path and well being. With effective Shamanic and Astrological techniques and insightful skills, I am here to use my experience and greater viewpoint to help facilitate your healing and growth. 

If you are a new client, I would highly recommend booking an astrology reading and shamanic healing together. In my experience, the double session establishes a strong foundation for our spiritual healing work together. 

Following your initial appointment, either session can support your healing journey. Future astrology readings provide ongoing support for healing by revealing the planets’ transits and progressions. In other words, how you are  travelling with the timing of the heavenly energies. This healing is based on the premise that ‘energy follows thought,’ and often, through awareness and the creative nature of our mental energy, we can rethink, revision, and re-communicate new plans and ideas for our own betterment.

Future shamanic healings are beneficial for restoring harmony and balance if any form of stress or trauma has been experienced. As with all healing work, it is a process and ultimately the healing journey is a partnership between you, me, and Spirit. We enter into the sacred circle with the powerful intention of healing in each and every session.

Shamanic Practitioner, Sandra Ingerman, describes the formula for healing as:  intention+union+love+focus+harmony+imagination = transmutation.  Transmutation is the ability to change the nature of a substance as described in the alchemical process of turning lead into gold.    The spiritual practice of alchemy is about changing lead consciousness into gold light consciousness.  As we begin to change our consciousness and get in touch with the light inside of us we can effect great changes in our outer world.  It is who we are that changes the world not what we do. The world changes when we change.

“We come from the earth, we return to the earth, and in between we garden…”

As an Energy Healer…

As an Energy Healer using shamanic practices I also know that the truth we know is only part of a larger truth, in which we have access through what shamanic practitioners term ‘non ordinary reality’.  I believe that by connecting with the unseen forces of spirit profound and life changing transformations can occur – you could call them miracles.

I follow five main principles in relation to my energy healings:


The first and most important is to set up sacred space in order to co-create a healing with the helping healing spirits.


The second is to allow my spirit guides and your spirit guides to lead the healing process, which allows for exactly what is required for each person and situation and there is no judgement for where you are within your life’s journey. 


The third is to find the cause of the disharmony, to find the place where the imbalance originates and correct it at its source. 


The fourth is to apply shamanic tools to restore balance, which can include the use of sound, crystals,  physical touch and words. 


The last step is education and ongoing support, often in the form of spiritual homework, to help you live with, develop and integrate the changes of the healing into your daily life.

“My medicine is to first and foremost be ‘a hollow bone’ or channel and be guided and directed by the healing helping spirits as to exactly what will work best for you to restore balance, clarity and light.”

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