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Astrology Reading

The system of astrology I utilise in my healing practice is the Western tropical zodiac and placidus house system.  In common terms this means that I follow a humanistic psychological Astrology which is based on archetypes and the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth.  I examine and translate the symbols of the planets, signs and houses through my educational training as well as my intuition in relation to your energetic field.  

Together we explore your natal chart and the inherent archetypes to bring to conscious awareness the energies and major themes that are at play in your life.  We review your progression through the wheel of time, as well as the impact of the transiting planets as they are occuring in the present.

I have a particular interest in the planetary body Chiron, which represents the Healing Journey in the chart.  Melanie Reinhart, in her book Chiron and the Healing Journey An Astrological and Psychological Perspective, states:

Astrological patterns are recognized in terms of the meaning that we bring to inner and outer experiences, although we are perhaps in turn predisposed to the quality of our experiences by the patterns themselves. However, rather than trying to pre-empt fate, to ward it off or pretend it does not exist, we may perhaps work with it as consciously as we are able: thus we participate in the alchemical opus, the hero’s journey, the philosopher’s stone, or the finding of the long lost kingdom.

At this particular time in history, our individual journey as well as humanity’s collective Chironic Journey, includes healing the past trauma of our ancestors as well as our own personal trauma and resulting limiting beliefs that form the basis of how we perceive reality.   The collective unconscious is often the driver for the  cultural rules and laws that we find ourselves governed by and now is the time to wake up in order to realise our true divine potential and sacred expression.  This is the quest of alchemy, of turning lead into gold – of turning unconciousness into conscious awareness by being brave and vulnerable enough to partake in the  Hero’s journey of self realisation.  

 Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is based on the principle that the spiritual world may be contacted through the inner senses in altered states of consciousness (ASC). The capacity to enter a range of ASC is a natural manifestation of human consciousness; the ability to enter trance states makes us a human – not a shaman. What makes shamans unique is their mastery over an otherwise normal human trait. The shaman has sometimes been described as being a ‘hollow bone,’ one who can enter an altered state without their personal ego. This non-ego hollowness makes a way for Spirit to use them as a healing tool. In this way, the shaman is a channel for higher consciousness.

In my practice I use my medicine drum and/or crystal bowl to assist with the detachment of all sense of self, and be fully present in the moment, and to act as a hollow bone or living channel for healing energy to move through.  This allows me to connect and work with Spirit, allowing my guides, teachers, ancestors and allies to work through me as a healing tool. 

Shamanism is powerful in part because its practitioners tailor healing to the individual needs of those who seek them out. A shaman manipulates energy giving you power where you have lost it and removing misplaced energy lurking within you. When you seek out a shaman, they will endeavour to know and understand you before treating you. In this way, they can provide you with therapies that act on your whole being, positively influencing your body as well as your soul.

Sometimes a shamanic healing can be the end of a long process of healing for you and sometimes just the beginning.  It all depends on your own personal transformational and healing journey.


A word about ceremony.  Ritual is an important aspect of my healing practice therefore I always begin my healing sessions with a cleansing ritual, using smoke from either a native plant such as sandlewood or locally grown sage to clear any stagnant energies before a healing.  

Shamans recognize that all objects are in manner alive and retain information that can be utilized to heal.  In my practice I utilise objects that I have been gifted such as feathers, stones, shells, crystals and flower essences to help facilitate the ongoing process of the healing.  

 All sessions are supported with Australian Bush Flower Essences and Crystals

Service Prices

Shamanic Healing

​Shamanic Healing ~ 1.5-2 hrs: $180

Please contact me to arrange a suitable time and date.


Astrology Reading

Astrology Reading ~ 2 hrs: $180

Please contact me to arrange a suitable time and date.


Combined Healing

Combined Astrology Reading & Shamanic Healing

Combined ~ 3.5-4 hrs: $300

Please contact me to arrange a suitable time and date.

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