In line with my theme of Community Immunity I am sharing each day for seven days, Don Tolman’s 7 Principle’s of Health. According to Tolman Self Care embracing mother nature’s gifts is the ultimate secret to your lasting health and vitality.

Due to fear campaigns that for decades have labelled the sun as being dangerous, most people today avoid the sun, and as a result are malnourished.

The sun provides vital nutrients to your body that can’t be obtained from any other source.

When you go out into the sun, the frequencies of light go through your eyes and into the brain to stimulate emotional molecules of happiness and joy.

That’s why in many countries in the northern hemisphere where they can go for months without sunshine, depression and even suicide rates tend to be higher.

Sunshine delivers many powerful nutritional components to the skin, including, of course, vitamin D, which your lives stores and thrives on to operate vital functions throughout your body.

If you don’t get enough sunshine, chances are you’ll end up Vitamin D deficient, weakening your liver and causing sickness and dis-ease over time and distance.

One of the healthiest things you can do is to expose at least 80% of your body to natural sunlight for 30-45 minutes a day as often as you can.

Apply cold-pressed, pure plant oils like extra vifrgin olive or coconut oil and avoid chemical based sunscreens which can leach toxins into your bloodstream.

It’s vital to your health to embrace the sun as your friend. Not the enemy.

Of course, in Australia and be sensible about exposing yourself in the low UV times of the day. Common sense prevails.