In line with my theme of Community Immunity I am sharing each day for seven days, Don Tolman’s 7 Principle’s of Health. According to Tolman Self Care embracing mother nature’s gifts is the ultimate secret to your lasting health and vitality.

Wholefoods are nature’s true medicines. They speak sign language to the human body and contain everything you need to maintain and restore your health.

Plant wholefoods are made of light and deliver an electric force of nutrition that your cells can truly identify with.

The word ‘nut’ at the front of the word ‘nut-rition’ comes of the Latin ‘nux’ which means ‘light’. Nutrition literally means ‘process of light’.

Every plant food shares a signature (sign-of-nature) pattern that resembles and targets a specific part of the human body.

Studies have shown that plants have 98% of the exact same DNA in their cells as we have in our own human body cells. When you eat plant wholefoods grown in the temperature zone in which you live and during the season that they naturally come from, you are getting the highest possible nutritional delivery to you.

In ancient times at Solomon’s Temple, where people would go to learn about the health of the human body, there was two large pillars at the front of the building known as ‘Jachin’ and ‘Boaz’.

Jachin represented vegetables, which means to ‘strengthenand establish’. Boaz symbolised fruit, which means to ‘add splendour and life’.

Whether you choose a vegetarian diet or not, one of the best things you can do for your health and longevity is to embrace a diet that is 80% plant based, consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains.

Support your local farmer’s markets and choose ‘spray-free’ produce whenever you can.