In line with my theme of Community Immunity I am sharing each day for seven days, Don Tolman’s 7 Principle’s of Health. According to Tolman Self Care embracing mother nature’s gifts is the ultimate secret to your lasting health and vitality.

Relationships that are loving, kind and supportive can be very energising, healing and uplifting, whilst those that are toxic can emotionally take you out.

It’s so important to nurture healthy relationships throughout your life. Whether it’s your spouse, children, family, business associates or friends, there are great rewards for bringing positive energy to those relationships.

On the other hand, if a relationship has turned toxic over time, you need to make a call before it spirals out of control. Either put your best foot forward and attempt to heal it up or end it and move on for the benefit of everyone involved.

When we connect with like-minded positive people and can feel a spirit of love, gratitude, kindness and a willingness to support one another, we experience emotional fulfilment and joy.

And when it comes to your children and close family members, take the time to express your love and appreciation to them regularly for being in your life.