In line with my theme of Community Immunity I am sharing each day for seven days, Don Tolman’s 7 Principle’s of Health. According to Tolman Self Care embracing mother nature’s gifts is the ultimate secret to your lasting health and vitality.

Having a passion for something that lights you up is one of the most powerful things for creating an ongoing happy, healthy life.

The word passion comes from a compound word which means the ‘passing of ions’.

When you do an activity or hobby that you love, there is an electrical passing of ions within you that energises you and resonates throughout your body.

For too many of us, life gets in the way and we lose touch with the things that once gave us happiness and joy. And it can be as simple as making model airplanes, painting, playing an instrument, joining a social group or learning a new language.

Whatever it is that appeals to you, remember that you have a purpose for being alive.

Anciently, the word ‘purpose’ meant ‘pure position’ or to be in a ‘position of purity’ with yourself. It was about realising that you are naturally born with unique gifts and talents and that your only job in life is to identify those gifts and to practice them on a consistent basis.

Find your passion and embrace it. And if you’ve lost it, experiment with things that curiously appeal to you. Try them out, give yourself a variety of experiences, connect with positive people and soon enough you’ll discover exactly what invigorates you and brings you joy in this life.