Woke this morning with a very brief and succinct message:

“Day 64 of 460”

If these dates relate to Covid19, this puts Ground Zero as 29 December 2019 and the end date as 1 May 2021.

According to a CCDC publication on 31 January 2020, the facts leading up to the identification of the 2019-nCoV were as follows, “On 29 December 2019, a hospital in Wuhan admitted four individuals with pneumonia and recognized that all four had worked in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, which sells live poultry, aquatic products, and several kinds of wild animals to the public. The hospital reported this occurrence to the CCDC, which led Wuhan CCDC staff to initiate a field investigation with a retrospective search for pneumonia patients potentially linked to the market. The investigators found additional patients linked to the market, and on 30 December, health authorities from Hubei Province reported this cluster to CCDC.”

These dates mean that we have another 396 days to go, which seems an incredibly long period of time but perhaps this is what is needed to ‘reset the world’ – 460 days in total.

In numerology these numbers add to 1.

In my Angel Numbers book by Doreen Virtue, it says:

“1 – this is a binary number; every number is divisible by one. We are all one, thereby we are all associated by thought. Watch your thoughts, and focus on your desires rather than your fears”.

If nothing else Covid-19 is reminding us of how connected we are as a global society. Nations borders have not stopped the pandemic and no-one is immune. In understanding the world as a united thinking body, this is our opportunity to focus our global desire on a world of tolerance and understanding – of peace.

Our focus must begin at home, the place wherever we are right now, is giving us an opportunity to heal, to forgive the past, and find peace with ourselves and the immediate people with whom we are living.

You may not believe in angels but the point is to have faith that we are part of a much bigger picture. One that includes spiritual support. Each day I am going to quote an angel message as numbered for the day, starting with Day 64, to support our journey, along with a picture that captures my heart. Today’s picture is a hand made quilt my daughter Hannah made for her brand new niece (to be) Lucy. Hannah spent many months pouring love into this quilt.

“Day 64 – Celestial and earthly angels are helping you with material support. They’re making sure that your needs are met, especially as you focus on your spiritual path. The more gratitude you hold toward the angels, the more you open the flow of support”.