As mentioned in a recent post my mind seems to have gone on holiday so rather than labour over what to write each day to catch up with my blogs I am going to use my intuition to ask for a message to write simply and eloquently for each day so that I can catch up.

It is not that I haven’t been dreaming or receiving messages over the last few weeks but it is more that I have not had the space to understand them enough to write about them as they have been quite esoterically complex. Deciphering them is something that I am working on in the background but not easily transcribed to a daily blog.

So, while I mull over these complexities I have decided to ask spirit for a daily topic to write about. Today as I tune in I am receiving an image of a banana!

As my daily blog is essentially linked to the Covid-19 pandemic I am trusting that each one of these messages is connected in some way. One thing that I learned about recently was that blood sugar levels (BSL) have an impact on the immune system, particularly if your BSL is over 7. This can certainly impact the way that your body will respond to any exposure to the Coronavirus and therefore it is important to consider the daily sugar intake of your diet. Bananas are a great alternative to eating sugar as they are sweet and can help modulate sugar levels after meals.

So if you have a sweet tooth and are finding it difficult to stop eating sugar, please consider replacing any high sugar foods with a banana. Particularly unripe bananas, which are said may improve insulin sensitivity and type 2 diabetes.

So next time you are heading for the sweets do yourself a favour and grab a bunch of half green bananas.