At a time when it would appear that there is so much darkness in the world, that is an unconscious wave of fear, hatred and ignorance, it is more important than ever to hear and bear witness to the words of the teachers who have come into this world throughout history to share their understandings of the human condition and the only answer to harmony of unconditional love.  Man (humans) have corrupted the original teachings of the great mystics to their own ends.  All of the Great Teachers came with a message of tolerance, understanding and compassion for difference. Unfortunately it would appear that even though many, many thousands of people have been touched by the ‘Grace’ of their teachings, many, many have perverted their words. In this age of Aquarius, the catch cry is ‘self responsibility’.  The Age of Pisces, when Churches had moral authority of the populace is gone.  This does not mean that formalised religion has no place in people’s lives but that people now must now not only rely on the Church as their moral compass but their own inner knowing.     

What does it mean to take individual responsibility?  For me it is about ‘waking up’ especially to our own patterned behaviours.  Love must and always will begin at home, with the self.  To take responsibility for self love is a BIG JOB.  It means walking the talk, forgiving those who have hurt us and practising on a daily basis the qualities of love – understanding, appreciation, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness.  As the Dalai Lama said “my religion is a religion of kindness”.  This takes some work!  It is important to have a daily practice that builds and strengthens our energetic body, which includes our emotional, mental and physical self.  Whether it be meditation, yoga, prayer, spending time in nature, being with loved ones……. find what works for you that brings you to a better understanding of yourself and then from this place move out into the world.  Obtain healing from others who can help if need be – listen to your own body’s needs for food, exercise, sunshine, good relationships and meaningful work and seek to be of service to others in some way.

Self love naturally spreads to others and to the environment of which we are intimately connected.  Sir David Attenborough has spent his entire life teaching about the beauty of our natural world, our connection to it and how we must treat it if we are to survive as a species.  We are nature, not separate from it.  Our external environment reflects our inner environment and with the alarming rate of increased population, so comes the polluting and toxic behaviours of people. We must start to ‘act locally and think globally’.  Find out what it is that brings you joy to spread to others and your world and do it.  

This is spreading your light.