Lately I have been receiving messages about immunity and how important our immune system is as the first line of defence against pathogens and invaders in the form of viruses and bacteria.

Our bodies innate immune response is a system, not a singular response and what makes sense to me is that as a community we can also come together to help each other create a healthy immune system. We can achieve this by creating an online support group that checks in daily with the aim of building the best individual immune systems that we can so that we can individually negate the risk of developing any serious infections or inappropriate immune responses if exposed to the corona-virus.

There are many people in our community who may not fit into the ‘high risk categories’ but who know that their baseline health due to a number of factors needs improving.

Ultimately as individuals we have to make healthy choices for ourselves but now with the relaxing of restrictions it seems like a very good time to reach out and see how everyone is going and whether they feel they could do with some online support to become a healthier version of themselves.

I was struck by the simplicity of the Harvard Medical School’s advice on how to boost our immune systems and thought that these guidelines would be very useful to achieving our goals. This would involve knowing where you are at right now, what is your baseline reading? And understanding what changes you could make in line with their recommendations that would make a difference to your overall health and well being and particularly your immune system?

My idea of it is that we would focus on the basics such as diet, exercise and the reduction of addictive substances such as sugar, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine as well as look at stress, sleep and relaxation practices on a daily basis for 90 days. Beginning on Monday 20th July and finishing on Saturday 17 October 2020.

If you are interested before Monday write down your goal of having a healthy immune system and also write down where you think you are right now in relation to the areas that can make a difference such as diet, exercise, sleep, addictive substances such as sugar, nicotine, alcohol and caffeine as well as relaxation practices to reduce stress. Get real with how you are travelling because ultimately you need to be super honest with where you are right now. We can’t move forward unless we admit to our current reality. By coming together we can support each other and keep each other accountable for our progress.

Don Tolman , an amazing health guru, argues that “all disease begins in the gut” therefore one of the first things we need to focus on is cleaning out our gut – in other words detoxing. Here is a link if you want to read more:

This group will not be about giving medical or health advice because we all know exactly what we should be doing, its common sense, but what we do need is support to get there. Let’s build a healthy community that loves each other enough not only to help us survive the corona-virus but to thrive in life. We are all in this together and we need to be smarter than the virus – it is love that will conquer not fear.

Email or message me if you want to be part of the group and I will set up a designated page to support our endeavours before next Monday. Anyone can join and this is a free offering to share our hopes, dreams and struggles towards good health.