The earth’s shadow

Dream Message re the corona virus pandemic 14 March 2020

“The earth is passing through a big shadow brought about by our unconscious human behaviour, which has to change. We have to reconnect to the earth and honour all of this wonderful planet and its creatures.

As so aptly put by Sir David Attenborough, “While Earth has survived radical climactic changes and regenerated following mass extinctions, it’s not the destruction of Earth that we are facing, it’s the destruction of our familiar, natural world and our uniquely rich human culture”

To reconnect to the earth we must have a relationship with the natural world, to BE with nature, to feel a part of it, by placing our feet on the ground, by listening to the sounds, by breathing the air consciously, by feeling the heat of the sun on our skin, by smelling the scents of the plants, by immersing ourselves in clean water, all of these are given to us freely but we are destroying EVERYTHING with our consumerism and greed.

Ironically the virus is not personal, it does not discriminate but everyone has to take personal responsibility for their actions and there is no excuse in our information rich technological world not to be informed on how we can all make a difference by changing our behaviour –  it is all about balance and respect, for all of life.

When the earth is out of balance, we are out of balance, everything is connected, and the corona virus is teaching us of our connection. The rapid spread is like a shadow crossing the globe.

In shadow times it is very important not to fall into fear but rather to be cautious, discriminating, thoughtful and present. If you feel fear in your body stand outside on the ground and reconnect to the beauty and kindness of  the natural world, to be reminded that is it a loving world.  Think of the loving nature of the animals, we don’t wake up each day to our animal family wanting to attack us.  They love us regardless of our failings.  It’s not personal – nature is re-balancing and re-calibrating so that our children and grandchildren have a healthy world to live in.

If you can’t find a piece of ground to stand on, imagine that you are standing on the earth and ask permission for your fear to flow from your body through your feet deep into the earth and be transformed into life giving energy.  Imagine the sun radiating down through your crown (top of your head) and into your eyes,  streaming right through your body, re-lighting and re-filling the shadow places with life giving solar energy.

Say a prayer of gratitude to the earth, ask forgiveness for the imbalance you have created (this is all of humanity who are caught up in consumerism), and ask that your loved ones be protected with your love and light – imagine them being surrounded in a beautiful light and share your wisdom with them.

This shadow too will pass, as all shadows do, but until it does we need to be vigilant and build strong energetic boundaries.  Have a daily practice of re-connection and if need be take supplements to support the immune system, eat well, rest, drink lots of water, get some exercise and SPEND LESS on what you don’t need.

We can support each other through this by being in COMMUNITY, the shadow will pass but life won’t be the same.”