The following is by astrologer MikailahStarWitch explaining the transit of Mars back into its own sign of Aries from 27/28 June 2020 until 6/7 January 2021. If you have been feeling blocked, suppressed, angry, frustrated, dis-empowered, then this is a great time to channel this energy into the girdle of your truth. Let your own inner spirit horse take you to your heart felt truth.

The Hindu Goddess, Kali~Ma, dances on the dead.  She wears a garland of skulls and ferociously waves swords around her. Kali in Sanskrit means ‘kal’ or time.  Her gift is the space in-between time to gain independence for Self and fulfill creative potential.

Throughout antiquity, we find myths of the Goddesses from different pantheons expressing their volatile emotions.   So why is it in our contemporary society we can sometimes struggle to constructively release our innermost feelings around anger? 

Our shadow-side haunts us through the darkest night and torments us with outer situations that we continually find ourselves placed in if we do not find a resolution to this vital part of ourselves that has been suppressed for eons.

When we feel this emotion it can erupt like a volcano and may be very difficult to contain.  Alternatively, anger that is not expressed safely and which is turned inward can simmer and act as poison on our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical energy systems.

In color therapy, red is connected to the life force.  It challenges the emotions of assertiveness and anger. It resides in the lower chakras and relates to the ancestors, tribal connection, survival issues, and personal power. 

Red is intense, passionate, grounding, and highly energizing.  On the color-wheel the complimentary opposite is green.  Green is connected to the heart chakra, and this is the balancer.  The essence of green in nature is part of a symbiotic relationship with light.  Light for the spirit means more space and harmony to find your heart-felt truth.

In western tropical astrology, the placement of the personal planet Mars in your natal chart can give invaluable insight into how issues of anger and assertiveness are dealt with. 

Traditionally, Mars is the God of War and resonates with the colour of red.  In feminine mythology, you may view Mars in terms of Sekhmet or Kali-Ma within a chart, especially if combined with Pluto!

As with the astrological interpretation of any planetary master guide and teacher, it depends on the expression of either the functional and/or dysfunctional needs.  This also needs to be combined with the interacting stories of other planetary aspects and transits.

Here are some suggestions to being with:

Mars in the element of air, communication is vital.  Find a trusted confidante to listen to you without censorship or judgement.  This provides a safe alternative so you can release pent up frustration enabling you to clear your head, take deep yogic breaths, and assess the situation with more clarity.

Mars in the element of fire, call on Sekhmet to help channel the necessary release. Arch your back and roar like a Lioness.  It is time to take action!  Grab your drum and go to the beach or forest.  Alternatively, dance it out with Kali-Ma. Try a Kundalini dance session.  Use this vital energy force for powerful transformation.

Mars in the element of earth, time to move the rising energy through your physical body.  Try a kickboxing session, Zumba class, gardening (feel the dirt with your bare hands) and composting, or energetic walking.  Remember our physical cells hold memories.  A regular bodywork session will be extremely beneficial.

Mars in the element of water, now just where is that anger or resentment hiding?  Is it simmering, bubbling and brewing beneath the surface?  Does moodiness prevail?  Establish clear boundaries with the definition of your needs. Try some art therapy, and express the subconscious emotions through colour.

At the end of the day, it is about finding a constructive strategy that works best for you.  Transmuting anger is about rediscovering your connection to your deep empowerment and establishing a greater understanding of the Self.  By beginning to release old patterns and blockages you become aware of ancient wounds that lie within the subconscious.

Potent transformational work with a skilled, therapist can assist with the uncovering of these old wounds as they arise for healing.  Many have reincarnated in this lifetime to support this particular shamanic service for the Great Cosmic Mother, by working with the mind/body connection and the spiritual/astral realms.

So be brave and take the first step of this exploration.  Allow yourself to find full expression in wholeness.  The Sacred Feminine calls you to find your own truth and particular voice with immense clarity.  She also reminds you to be gentle with yourself as deeper awareness can take a lifetime to unfold.