Today is the last day of my life as I know it as a working Anthropologist. I have made the decision to create the space in my life that I need to focus on my healing practice. As with all endings there is mixed emotions, sadness over what has been, fulfilment over what has been achieved, and hope and optimism over what is to come.

I will miss the nature of my work and the wonderful people whom I have met along the way but I also know that for some of these people who I have made strong connections with, this is just the beginning of a new chapter.

I can no longer be true to myself if I am not able to work in an environment that does not allow for healing and what I mean by healing is that it allows my light to shine.

Today I am marking the transition with a ritual. I am beginning the journey of making my personal medicine drum. Ritual is so important in marking transition points and my strong intention is that it will be used to bring miracles into the lives of others. For anyone else who is marking a time of change, this blessing prayer is also for you :