For the following days, I am inspired to place the words of theosophist Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan disciple Djwhal Khul on my website. Words are energy and these words come from the Book titled “Esoteric Healing”. May these words spread light and healing to all who read them and may they be inspired to greatness within themselves.

Methods of Healing and techniques of alleviation are peculiar to humanity and are the result of [man’s] mental activity. They indicate his latent power as a creator, and as one who progresses towards freedom. They indicate his discriminative ability to sense perfection, to vision the goal, and hence to work towards that ultimate liberation. His error at this time consists in:

a. His inability to see the true uses of pain.

b. His resentment at suffering.

c. His misunderstanding of the law of nonresistance.

d. His overemphasis of the form nature.

e. His attitude to death, and his feeling that the disappearance of the life out of visual perception through the medium of form, and the consequent disintegration of that form, indicates disaster.

When human thought reverses the usual ideas to disease, and accepts disease as a fact in nature, man will begtin to work with the law of liberation, with right thought, leading to nonresistance. At present, by the power of directed thought and his intense antagonism to disease, he only tends to energise the difficulty. When he reorients his thought to truth and the soul, physical plane ills will begin to disappear. Disease exists. Forms in all kingdoms are full in disharmony and out of alignment with the indwelling life.

Disease is not, therefore, the result of wrong human thought. It existed long before human form existed on earth.

The instinct to self-preservation governs the relation of spirit and matter. The instinct of self-preservation and the preservation of form integrity is a vital principle in matter, and the tendency to self-perpetuation of the life within the form is one of our greatest God-given capacities and will persist. But in the human family, this must eventually give place to the use of death as the organised, freeing process in order to conserve force and give to the soul a better instrument of manifestation.