For the following days, I am inspired to place the words of theosophist Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan disciple Djwhal Khul on my website. Words are energy and these words come from the Book titled “Esoteric Healing”. May these words spread light and healing to all who read them and may they be inspired to greatness within themselves.

On the astral plane, there will also be found in every astral body seven corresponding focal points through which energy can enter, rating forth then into the vital centres in the etheric physical body as seven types of force. These types of force produce both bad and good effects, depending on the quality of the dense physical body. These differ according to the type of ray or force and depending on the good or bad effects, result in corresponding diseases as follows:

Astral Force Centre Bad Aspect Disease Good Aspect

First Ray, Will or Power Head Self-pity, The Dramatic I Cancer Sacrifice, Dedication of the I

Second Ray, Love-Wisdom Heart Self-love. Personality Heart trouble. Soul Love. Group Love.

Stomach trouble.

Third Ray. Activity Sacral Sexuality. Over-activity. Social diseases Parental Love. Group life.

Fourth Ray. Harmony Ajna Selfishness. Dogmatism. Insanities. Mysticism.

Fifth Ray. Knowledge. Throat Lower pyschism Wrong metabolism Creativity. Sensitivity.

Certain cancers Inspiration

Sixth Ray. Devotion Solar Plexus Emotionalism Nervous diseases Aspiration. Right direction.

Gastritis. Liver trouble.

Seventh Ray. Organisation Base of the spine. Self-interest. Heart diseases. White Magic.

Pure selfishness. Tumours.

Black Magic.

This tabulation is a generalisation and only a partial listing of the types of disease that can result from the inflow of energy. No hard and fast rules can be laid down, as the ray forces manifest differently according to ray type and point in evolution. Every human being is an expression of five ray forces.

  1. The ray of the soul.
  2. The ray of the personality.
  3. The ray of the mental body.
  4. The ray of the astral equipment.
  5. The ray of the physical nature.