Cosmic Evil

For the following days, I am being inspired to place the words of theosophist Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan disciple Djwhal Khul on my website. Words are energy and these words come from the Book titled “Esoteric Healing”. May these words spread light and healing to all who read them and may they be inspired to greatness within themselves.

“From the very beginning of our studies, I would like to point out the ultimate cause of disease, even if known to me, would fail to be comprehended by you. The cause lies back in the history of the distant past of our planet, in the career of the planetary Life, and that it has its roots in what is largely designated “cosmic evil”. This phrase is symbolic of a condition in consciousness which is that of certain of the “imperfect Gods”. “Diety itself is on the road towards perfection. The implications of this statement are many.

According to Sam Michaels The cosmic origin of evil – Explaining Evil

The cosmic origin of evil

The energy continuum

Albert Einstein discovered that we do not live in a world made of two substances, namely matter and energy. Instead, we live in a world where everything is energy. What we perceive as solid matter is truly vibrating energy that has taken on a certain form.

Our physical senses are designed to detect the level of energy frequencies that we have labelled as matter. When we realize that matter is a form of vibrating energy, we can take our thinking beyond the limitations of our physical senses.

All thought systems that deny the existence of something beyond the material universe (scientific materialism, communism, empiricism etc.) are based on the limitations of our senses. We cannot explain evil if we refuse to go beyond this sensory-based view of the world. All such thought systems are based on an intent to get people to ignore or deny their intuition. It is intuition that allows us to sense the part of reality that vibrates beyond the material world.

When we acknowledge that matter is energy and that energy is something that vibrates, we realize that there is a potentially very large continuum of energy frequencies. For example, we know from the tonal scale that audible tones can be divided into octaves, ranging from lower to higher vibrations. We know there are infrared and ultraviolet light rays that our eyes cannot see.

The material universe is a very small “pocket” in a very large continuum of energies. This continuum has many levels or layers that are beyond what we can detect with our physical senses and scientific instruments.

The instruments made by scientists are all made of matter, and this gives them a limited range, an observation horizon. How can we know there are other “worlds” beyond the material? By using an instrument that is not limited to the material frequency spectrum, namely our minds. Yet we first need to free our minds from the limitations of the senses and the materialistic world view. For more on how to do this, see How to know reality.

When we free our minds from the sensory-based PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality), we can realize that even though the material universe is very vast, it is still only one small pocket in a much larger continuum.

The material world that we experience with our senses is made from energies that vibrate within a certain spectrum or range. For most people, their minds have become limited so they can detect only frequencies in the material spectrum. It is possible to retrain the mind so we can intuitively tune in to frequencies beyond the material spectrum.

If our minds were retrained so we could “see” beyond the material world, we would first detect the other three realms that make up our world. For more on this, see The four levels of our world.

As we go beyond these realms, we see a world that is higher than our world in vibration. As we continue to tune in to higher vibrations, we discover that there are several levels or spheres in this higher world. We will now build on this to explain how our world was created.

How the world was created

If we continue to detect higher vibrations, we eventually end up at a level where we find the self-aware being that started the creative process of our world. We might call this the Creator, to distinguish it from the images of god defined on earth. This Creator has a level of consciousness that we cannot fathom and that cannot be described by any of the images of god found in the religions of earth.

The Creator first formed the desire or will to create our world. It then defined a boundary around itself.

The Creator then withdrew its being into a single point in the center of what became a void.

The Creator then projected its own Being or consciousness out and created a sphere inside the void, a sphere that did not fill the void. This sphere was made up of what we call energy although it had a much higher vibration than our world.

In this first sphere, the Creator defined certain structures, comparable to (but not similar to) our galaxies, solar systems and planets. The Creator then projected itself into this sphere as individual self-aware beings. These beings had a point-like, localized sense of self, in contrast to the Creator’s spherical, non-localized sense of self.