For the following days, I am being inspired to place the words of theosophist Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan disciple Djwhal Khul on my website. Words are energy and these words come from the Book titled “Esoteric Healing”. May these words spread light and healing to all who read them and may they be inspired to greatness within themselves.


All disease is caused by a lack of harmony. A disharmony to be found existing between the form aspect and the life. That which brings together form and life we call the soul. Disease occurs when there is a lack of alignment between these various factors, the soul and the form, the life and its expression, the subjective and the objective realities. Consequently, spirit and matter are not freely related to each other. This is one way of interpreting Law 1.

This lack of harmony, producing what we call disease, runs through all the four kingdoms in nature, and causes those conditions which produce pain and everywhere congestion, corruption and death. These conditions govern the conscious life of all forms, macrocosmic and microcosmic. They are not causes.

All of these conditions, however, can be regarded as purificatory in their effects and must be so regarded by humanity if the right attitude towards disease is to be assumed.