For the following days, I am inspired to place the words of theosophist Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan disciple Djwhal Khul on my website. Words are energy and these words come from the Book titled “Esoteric Healing”. May these words spread light and healing to all who read them and may they be inspired to greatness within themselves.

Magnetism and Radiation sum up the healer’s story.

Rule One

The Healer must seek to link his soul, heart, brain and hands so he can pour the vital healing force upon the patient. This is magnetic work.

The healer must seek to link his soul, heart, brain and auric emanation. Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation. The hands are not needed. The soul displays its power. The patient’s soul responds through the response of his aura to the radiation of the healer’s aura, flooded with soul energy.

Causes of physical disease and death include:

  1. Accidents and war
  2. Infections and pandemics
  3. Diseases due to malnutrition and poor nutrition.
  4. Genetic or hereditary weaknesses

The Psychological causes of disease and death include:

  1. Those arising out of the emotional-feeling nature.
  2. Those which have their origin in the etheric body.
  3. Those which are based on wrong thoughts.
  4. The peculiar complaints and psychological troubles of disciples (followers of the path).

Much of the failure of healing methods at present employed consists in the inability of the healer to:

  1. Guage the extent of the trouble, where it may be located and in what body it principally arises and lies.
  2. Know where the patient stands upon the ladder of evolution, and where, therefore, he must look first for the source of the difficulty.
  3. Differentiate between diseases that are due to inner personal conditions, to inherited tendencies, or to group distribution.

To know whether the disease should be handled,

  1. Allopathically or homeopathically, for both can play their part at times, or through any of the modern sciences.
  2. Through radiation or magnetisation, or both.
  3. Through right inner psychological adjustment, aided by true insight on the part of the healing agent.
  4. Through the calling in of the power of a man’s own soul.
  5. Through occult means, such as forming a healing triangle between Patient, Healer and Master (Guides).