Day 67 of 460. No dream message today so I decided to type in Day 67 into Google and guess what? I find out that it’s been 67 days since the first diagnosed Covid19 case in Australia. Looks like we are on an Australian timeline.[1]

Focusing on contacting family, today I phoned my parents who are in lock down in an Aged Care facility. They are both well but in disbelief concerning the severity of the current situation. Mum said, as anyone with an OBE (over bloody eight) would; “well we can only do what we can do each day”, and Dad said; ” a XXXX Gold delivery would be welcome soon”. My brother tells me that we can make deliveries to reception.

My husband and I also packed a care pack for our eldest son who is deemed an essential worker and is flying freight for Toll. This is the first Easter bundle I’ve ever delivered that included hand sanitiser, face masks, vitamins and of course Easter Eggs. We stayed outside and brought our own camp chairs but if felt good to make contact.

Our youngest son, finally gets to come home after two weeks in isolation after returning from Amsterdam two weeks ago. He is well and we are so happy to be able to see him after being 9 months away.

In the midst of chaos there are definitely some moments of gold. I hope that each of you are able to find some gold over the weekend, even if it is only the XXXX variety.

The attached picture captures the theme of today, a pic that was circulating on Day 67 – with family and friends reaching out to each other in one way or another.