Every day since this disaster / disruption to our human lives from Covid-19, I have been woken in the wee hours of the morning by the sounds of kookaburras laughing, real boisterous belly laughs. It seems such a strange sound to wake to given the intensity of the situation but irony or paradox is often present in truth. Particularly the great human truth that we are all mortal and one day our physical bodies will die. Something that Covid-19 is bringing right to our doorsteps.

Kookaburra medicine tells of this great cosmic joke but also that every morning we have the power to choose how we begin our day – with laughter or fear (or both).

As a child I remember that in the worst possible moments – e.g. when I was in serious trouble – and yes I was – I would be overcome with the need to laugh!! And I always would laugh /cry as a response to the impending sense of doom being brought upon me.

For the last two days not only have I heard the kookaburras but a rare white kookaburra has visited our house peering intently through the kitchen window as if to check that we are getting the message!

Kookaburra laughter medicine is also about Family.

As we are confined together it reminds us that we have the ability through laughter to re-engage with our family. With our partners, our children, our parents. To forgive old wounds and conquer our fears together.

Kookaburra reminds us to transform hurt into happiness. To hunt down the truth of who we are – spiritual beings who are having a physical experience – and yest to remind us that one day our physical lives will end but that in the meantime we have a choice of how to BE with each other, with LIFE. To choose laughter in the every day, to share laughter with each other and to face our fears together.

Kookaburra is teaching and reminding us of how important it is to share the emotion of laughter as a family together in the face of adversity and not to take the power of family for granted.