For the next few days I am going to share the Sabian Symbol for the Sun, the ruling Planet of the sign of LEO, from the book “A Screen of Prophecy” by Diana E. Roche. The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 symbolically descriptive images, each of which is accompanied by an interpretation of each image. Each symbol matches an astrological degree of the 360 degree astrological wheel. They were originally brought into existence on some unrecorded date in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler.

Theme: Background as Sustainment. Delight. This symbol speaks of the satisfaction experienced by the individual who is able to live a life that is carefree and to the physical and social support that sustain them while they do this. The oak tree is an archetypal symbol for knowledge, and its pairing with a children’s swing suggests that learning can be fun. The tree also symbolises the overshadowing of universal life, and the inference is that as each individual accepts this universal overshadowing, their personal understanding of their place in the overall scheme of things is heightened and enhanced.

Opportunity: Your great advantage lies in being yourself. Establish your own rhythms and faithfully maintain them. Know when to advance and when to retreat.

Risk: Guard against taking pride in your ability to get out of work or commitments. Don’t expect others to pick you up every time you fall. Stand on your own two feet.

One of the gifts of the Coronavirus pandemic has been the shift in working arrangements and the opportunities to work from home and for some to learn new skills. Having more time in our working life also means being able to flow more easily with our own rhythms, which means that there is more time to ‘have fun’. Having time to move from being a member of the ‘rat race’ to ‘being a member of life’ definitely has its rewards.