For the next few days I am going to share the Sabian Symbol for the Sun, the ruling Planet of the sign of LEO, from the book “A Screen of Prophecy” by Diana E. Roche. The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 symbolically descriptive images, each of which is accompanied by an interpretation of each image. Each symbol matches an astrological degree of the 360 degree astrological wheel. They were originally brought into existence on some unrecorded date in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler.

Theme: A new and better Day. This symbol speaks of the invigorating and refreshing energy and enthusiasm that accompany any renewal of effort or new cycle of experience, and to the cosmic assistance given to all worthwhile struggle. The image of early morning dew alludes to the dawning of a new day or a fresh start.

Today: The accent is on faith and guardian angels. You may receive unexpected help or be given a fresh start today. Expect a miracle.

Opportunity: You greatest advantage lies in refusing to acknowledge defeat. Try to look at the bright side of the situation and see what tomorrow brings.

Risk: Guard against losing hope or giving up too soon. Avoid thinking in terms of limitation or lack. Don’t create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Having a spiritual practice or connection is so important now in order to maintain a sense of peace in the midst of chaos. This does not mean being religious (but it might) but it does involve acknowledging that we are part of a ‘greater mystery’. A mystery that is ready and willing to support our journey if we but ask.