Lion Gate in Hattusa Turkey

One year ago we sold a house on acreage at Mount Cotton that I dreamt was named ‘Lions Gate’. As it turned out, on either side of the front steps were two concrete sitting lions, and as such I had a sign made for the house and named it Lions Gate.

Just this week the new owners phoned to invite us over to see the work that they had completed on the house as it is the one year anniversary since they moved in. They are lovely people and I am very happy to be invited but this will be a bitter sweet visit for me because I was very sad at the time to be moving.

It was a special very place for me for a number of reasons but the one thing that I have learnt since moving is that my healing practice does not rely on ‘having the right environment’ because I take ‘me’ with me wherever I go.

In truth I wasn’t ready to commit to working as a full time healer when I was living there as I still had a foot in another camp. Since moving to what I thought would be a ‘less suitable environment for working as a healer, I have found my resolve to work as a full time healer and to work in whatever environment I found myself in. It is the old adage BE DO HAVE not HAVE DO BE.

Valuable lessons always in trusting the SELF, trusting that I (YOU) am enough to live and go for our passions no matter what the circumstances.