Medicine Woman symbolises feminine powers, intuition and the soul within. I love my Vision Quest Tarot pack and often when I am meditating on my own soul truth this is the card that I select.

It is about intuition and healing. Holy comes from healed and wholeness is revealed through healing. In the case of the Medicine Woman it is to be initiated into your own healing powers that spring from the deepest and highest dimension of our consciousness. For me this is the essence of my healing practice. To be of service to others by connecting to my highest source consciousness and introduce people to the truth of themselves. To assist people to understand that they too are magical beings who have an innate ability to transform their own lives through their connection to the wholeness within themselves.

One of the gifts of the global pandemic has been to allow a break in the normal busyness and ‘rat race’ of life. Although still full, my daily life now has a new quietness and flexibility that allows my intuitive insights to be heard even more clearly.

I now have room to allow myself the time to reconnect to my own intuition in a more powerful way and have it guide my daily life in a way that is not only when I am in service to others. Often when we are filling our days with so many activities we forget to check in on our own inner guidance and wisdom to ensure that we are still on track with our own truth. In a world of fake news, misinformation and conspiracy theories, it has become even more important than even to have a daily practice that allows for this.

Now is a perfect opportunity to monitor and observe any negative thinking, particularly in response to these times of uncertainty and change. It is so important to understand that negative thought patterns and feelings are often a result of our unconscious beliefs that are formed from past experiences. It is important to acknowledge and recognise negative thoughts and feelings when they arise because they are a key to understanding our unconscious beliefs. By becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings we can choose to consciously release them so that our own intuitive powers have room to unfold.

Intuition is subtle, it does not scream for attention because it is not from the ego, it is from the soul, and therefore it patiently waits for us to meet it half way. It is through our intention to connect to the source of all life, to Great Spirit, To God, to whatever you wish to call It, that enables us to find the truth for ourselves and our lives.

In the King James Version of the Bible at Matthew 7:7-8 it says;

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

For me, this verse it not about an external quest but an internal quest and it promises that if we make the effort to connect to our internal ‘Medicine Woman’ or ‘Medicine Man’ , we will be rewarded with our own visionary power to rise above whatever limiting perceptions we have about ourselves, others and our world.

Sometimes the choice for wholeness / healing is so foreign to us that it is like entering through a doorway into a strange new world, where what once seemed certain and inevitable, is often challenged. The paradox is that in choosing to have a creative and spiritual relationship with life it connects us so ever so more deeply to our physical human existence.

There is only one road inwards to meet with your own intuition but the external expression of our individual truth is as wide and varied as there are people on the planet. Ultimately to be of service to the highest truth of ourselves is to be of service to the highest truth of others and our world.