Art by Cristina McAllister

Today is just a reminder again that you are always connected to the resonance of the earth. More than 3.5 billion years ago, life first arrived on this planet, a planet that had a natural frequency. As life started to evolve, it did so surrounded by this frequency. So, unsurprisingly, it began tuning in. When human beings came to the Earth, an incredible relationship was sparked, a relationship that science is just beginning to understand.

Do you feel generally happier and more peaceful when you’re out in nature, away from noise, traffic jams, and neon lights? It is not just that you left the city behind. Or that you’re a person who likes nature. In nature, your body more easily tunes into the Earth’s frequency and can restore, revitalize, and heal itself more effectively.

If you can’t get outside its really great to put your attention to nature in the form of meditation. Below is a link that you may like to enjoy by pausing for a few minutes in your busy day. Sit comfortably by uncrossing your arms and legs, put your feet on the ground and gently remember your connection to the earth.