Sunday 21 June is the winter solstice for the southern hemisphere. It is a big deal because it coincides with a solar eclipse, that is the second of three eclipses within the span of a few weeks; the other two are lunar eclipses on June 5 and July 4.

Tomorrow is the Solstice at zero degrees Cancer, representing a time for caring and spending time with your tribe. We often have different ‘tribes’ in life, depending on our work and our interests, but my children and their families are where I feel most at home so today I am heading off to spend a few days in the country with my tribe, my family.

It is such a rarity these days that we would be able to share a few days together, so over the next few days my writing will be less but pictures will follow.

Wishing you all a very embracing and loving Solstice with your tribe.