Day 66 of 460: Dream message – “Don’t forget your quarterly jean check”.

I woke up with what I thought was a funny message today but in reality its never been more important to use this time to be more thoughtful and respectful about our physical bodies. Nothing measures how we are fairing better than an old pair of unforgiving jeans! Everyone knows that it is a simple equation of balancing energy in and energy out. But what is the motivation in times of isolation to look after our physical bodies?

Then angel message for Day 66 comes from the book; Rocks and Waters Are Words of God: Reflections On John Muir’s Ecological Reading of the Bible by Stephen Hatch (p. 28).

“Every atom entering into the structure of a storm is measured and fitted to its place, has Nature’s square and plummet laid upon it, and is inspired with unchangeable love”.

Hatch explains that Muir perceived that storms were apportioned directly by God to benefit the landscape and believed that not only do storms prune the woods and rearrange the landscape with a view towards creating fresh beauty, but they also help human beings detach themselves from their own petty self-importance, putting them in touch instead with a larger self that spans all of geological history.

A constant refrain in Muir’s writings was the conviction that God’s creative love is the source of Nature’s most destructive forces. “In all that we call destruction, there is creation”.

At times when destruction seems at its greatest, as with the Corona virus, it is difficult to think of beauty but perhaps the message of the “quarterly jean check” is to remind us that as creators we are capable of bringing beauty back into the world in the form of our own physicality and increased opportunity to embody love for ourselves and each other in a way that we may not have occurred before the storm of the pandemic.