This morning I woke with the word ‘responsibility’ ringing in my mind and it seemed linked to my ‘Symbolic’ Dream of Day 105 in that Saturn is demanding that each of us take ownership of our own authority and the inherent responsibility of making conscious choices.

In astrological terms, responsibility is related to the planet Saturn and the Sign of Capricorn and I read a recent article by esoteric astrologer Phillip Lindsay, in which Phillip very succinctly describes the current transits of Saturn in Capricorn and its brief foray in Aquarius in relation to current world events. The following is Phillip’s article in its entirety:

Saturn Retrograde: The Lord of Lockdown

Saturn goes retrograde today May 11, 2020 – lasting for several months, right through to October, remaining stationary in the same degree – Sept, Oct. and Nov. That degree is within orb of Saturn’s historic conjunction to Pluto in early January, just after the Covid-19 virus was announced, hence it will continue to exert its restraining influence via the imposed lockdown upon most nations.

Even though many countries are tentatively bringing lockdown from level 4 to 3, fearful speculations about the virus mutating, reinfecting, second waves etc. – are keeping nervous governments on their toes, erring on the side of an abundance of *caution* – a classic keyword for Saturn. All of this, even in the face of evidence that lockdown lowers immunity, creates greater stress and causes unnecessary economic and psychological suffering.

At one level, Saturn can be experienced as debilitating, onerous, pedantic – taking on more responsibilities, staying put – Saturn the jailer, condemning Humanity for crimes against mother nature – and one another. A sobering restraint on mindless behaviour or old habits. Like Mercury or any other planet that goes into a retrograde phase, the next several months will be a timely interlude to review what has transpired since Covid-19 was announced in early January 2020.

Saturn is the mind, very much at home in its own rulership of Capricorn, and even in Aquarius as it is the ruler of the first decanate, offering opportunity. The opportunity in Aquarius is not an easy one, as the world has experienced in the past several months, new forms of social behaviour have been imposed upon everyone, creating mainly an acquiesence and obedience to restrictions, but also rebellion and a slow-burn, simmering resentment.

There is the nature of austere Saturn imposing the Law, that has given Humanity pause for thought with regard to undisciplined, selfish behaviours and lifestyles. Aquarius offers the opportunity to think about the greater good, the welfare of others impacted by individual behaviour.

Therefore its passage back through its own sign of pragmatic and thoughtful Capricorn (early July to Dec.20), offers everyone a review of the plethora of conflicting propagandas about Coronavirus – whether it is for instance, a gigantic global hoax and simply an exaggerated strain of flu. Now that more time has elapsed and many nations have peaked in their mortality rates, retrospective, comparative and statistical analyses can be conducted more calmly, giving an opportunity for objectivity and less manipulation.

The other issues emerging during this period will be the Saturn-Capricorn theme of money, a possible recession or depression, as well as powerful forces trying to consolidate authoritarian or totalitarian dictates, endangering civil liberties and democracy itself. These forces include bodies of “authority” such as WHO, governments, Big Pharma, technology corporations.

Capricorn is the sign of authority and indeed, the “glamour of authority” where highly qualified scientific or technological people have projected ideas and recommendations (often with financial or political ulterior motives), that the bulk of Humanity have accepted without too much discrimination, probing questions or independent research.

The flavour of criticisms emanating from many thinkers on the matter sound like, “Cowering in their homes like scared little sheep, obediently doing their nanny government’s bidding”, “The sheeple have drunk the koolaid” etc.

2020 is crisis of discrimination that must lead to right choices, awakening and initiation. This year will be critical for Humanity to reach a *critical mass* of balanced thought, enabling reclamation of its “squandered birthright” – leading to self-determination and civil liberties that are the bedrock of Democracy.