Today’s dream message was Ride the Wave till the End. I believe that this relates to three words, acceptance, surrender and fight. The last couple of days I have found myself in a place of fight. Resisting what is, wanting things to go back to how they were before, and standing against the seeming injustice and fear of what is happening globally with Covid-19.

However, the message of Ride the Wave till the end means I, me, we, must work with the wave, with the change that is happening and we can choose to get off the ride or stay focused and be part of the change, to work with the wave and reach the end of the ride.

To do this we have to come to a place of acceptance and surrender but not in an apathetic way but in a way that requires focus, endurance and a passionate vision for a positive future – to land on the beach safely with each other.

To have a vision requires a Vision Quest of sorts, which requires focus on our inner world and our connection to the outer world. We need to understand what skills we currently have to ride the wave and what skills we need to acquire to maintain our positive focus.

It is so easy to get pulled under or to fall off the board with the constant barrage of bad news resulting in the pervading anxiety, fear and grief that is currently being held in the collective. These types of emotions are understandable but they feed into the shadow and the only way to move out of the shadow is to move into the light.

To ride the wave is to be in the light and not drowning in the sea of emotion. But what does riding the wave in the light mean to you? For many cultures light equates to God and to creation. The physical Sun has often been represented as the centre of life and creation. The bottom line is that we don’t have to do this on our own, actually we can’t do this on our own.

Each one of us has an important place within creation and to the creative forces of the universe, which is love. It is in humbly acknowledging our place and connection to this force that we can each individually ride the wave till the end but it will require focus, courage, and a commitment to change.

This is one giant swell and we are all on it but we do not currently need to fear how it will look at the other end but to focus on how to ride the wave till the end. On how individually and collectively each one of us can reconnect to the forces of light, of creation, of love, in a conscious way so that we know we are supported and loved and can support and love each other.

May the Sun that is in Me Be the Sun that is in You.