The following is an article from Astrodienst concerning the planetary transits of July. The themes are issues of power, authority, values and what we are prepared to sacrifice for emotional security. A very Rumplestitskin kind of July lies ahead. As quoted by Carl Jung, “there’s no coming to consciousness without pain”.

Image: Mars

The month of July is characterized by the will to set things in motion. Mars in Aries (since June 28) calls for concrete action, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (on June 30) creates a sense of urgency. The goals, however, are far from clear, and the events of recent months also need to be integrated. The quality of time has a complex and contradictory basic energy that pushes both forward and backward.

The month begins with a square of the Sun and Mercury with Chiron on July 1. One day later, retrograde Saturn enters Capricorn once again before finally changing to Aquarius on December 17. Issues of power, authority and stability will continue to occupy us strongly. There is a great desire for emotional security and inner peace, especially at the time of the Full Moon on July 5, which takes place on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. It is also connected with another lunar eclipse, the last of this eclipse season. How much vitality are we prepared to sacrifice for the feeling of security? How much sense of belonging do we need to feel safe and how much of it are we willing to give to others? It is advisable to communicate carefully and consciously during these days. The square of Mercury and Mars on July 8 makes tongues sharp, and the Sun-Lilith square on July 10 makes the atmosphere somewhat poisonous. However, Chiron’s incipient retrograde phase on July 11 calls for attention to be paid to the injuries, both self-inflicted and those inflicted on others.

Image: Mars and chiron

Towards the middle of the month the quality of time becomes more balanced. Mercury ends its retrograde phase on July 12, and the Sun forms a trine with Neptune at that time. It could be a sudden moment of clarity and insight. Mars meets Chiron on July 14 and has to realize that in real life there are no immortal superheroes. Assess your strength and your abilities realistically. But the opposition of the Sun with Jupiter and Pluto could still enable a breakthrough in an important matter. The time is ripe for decisive action, especially around the time of the following Cancer New Moon on July 20 in opposition to Saturn. On 22 July the sun enters Leo.

At the end of the month, as in May, relationship issues will once again be the focus of attention. On July 27, Neptune squares Venus again, which is still in Gemini. One day later, Jupiter, and then on July 30, Mercury too, form a square with Lilith. In relationship conflicts, things that have been previously kept quiet can and should now be pronounced. A clarification of the situation does not mean, however, that all dreams will come true afterwards. The overall quality of time promotes steps towards truthfulness. Illusions, on the other hand, have a short expiry date.