Day 70 of 460 : April Super Full Moon

Full moon’s are normally a time of little sleep for me therefore I did not receive a dream message last night – just restless tossing and turning…… I finally got up and in my normal manner looked at the night sky and realised why my sleep was so restless as I stared and breathed in the beauty of the full moon.

The April Super Pink Moon or Paschal Full Moon is not actually pink but brighter and bigger than a regular full moon. Because it is the first full moon after the Spring/Autumn Equinox it helps predict the date of Easter, hence the Paschal Full Moon.

This April full moon falls in the sign of Libra, which illuminates themes of balance, partnership, beauty and harmony. Full moons also culminate activities of the last six months and in the full light can bring clarity of what is working or not working within these themes and where change needs to occur. No doubt with everyone crammed in together these days balance and partnership are definitely themes that are “up” for individuals. This full moon is asking us to be aware of our individual needs but within the equation of living with others. How can we individually create space for others to maintain peace and harmony?

Communicating is key in negotiating these themes and sharing our individual needs openly and honestly while listening to and respecting the needs of each other. At the same time being mindful of not creating too much anxiety through an over exposure to the current news is also very important. No doubt by now we are all very aware of the covid-19 situation and what we are meant to be doing and not doing!

It is important to acknowledge that ‘we are all in this together’ and to remember to take the time to remind each other of the love that underpins why we are together in the space we find ourselves in the first place.

So take some time to breathe in the beauty of the full moon energy, that is reflecting the solar life force, in all its glory but in a way that is soft, reflective and embracing and be reminded of the continued beauty that nature so freely expresses to us.