The Energy of Awareness makes you see that there is more to things than meets the eye. It keeps you in the Here and Now and makes you alert.

For the next days I will be sharing one of the Keys of the Arcturians. Dutch Artist Janosh has created these 3-D images with its associated message. Each 3D image represents the hidden powers of sacred geometry which resonates deep within our subconscious.

Uniting strengths may produce miracles.

To co-operate sounds beautiful but how many fights has this caused? We tend to think that we know it all and better than other people. Is our way the only right one? Co-operation needs dedication and self contemplation of those involved. The ego plays a big role here. The people who areinvolved are presented with the opportunity to solve parts of their ego. Words like surrender, Release, Respect and Communication play a central role.

You must allow others to have their own way of working even though it is not your way. Everyone has their own responsibility and the most important one is that someone can express themselves concerning their way of thinking or feeling. It goes without saying that one must listen with respect. Having all of these ingredients, miracles may happen. These miracles radiate to everything that has to do with the co-operation and new things will appear on your path. Wouldn’t we be happier if we were to whole heartedly grant everyone their own responsibility? That is what we call “living together in harmony”!

Sit quietly and breathe deeply, take a moment to focus your eyes on the middle of the image. The hologram on the front will reach your subconscious while the silver print on the back contains an energetic code. This code will ensure that the feeling that you are experiencing at that particular moment is absorbed in the right place deep in your subconscious.