The Energy of Contact allow you to feel that all doors to your inner Source will open when you surrender and go with the flow like water.

For the next days I will be sharing one of the Keys of the Arcturians. Dutch Artist Janosh has created these 3-D images with its associated message. Each 3D image represents the hidden powers of sacred geometry which resonates deep within our subconscious.

Let your strength lead you and you will find your own way.

There are moments in life when you feel that you are important too and that you really want to do your own thing. There is nothing wrong with feeling that way. Are you considering yourself as being selfish? When we listen to the daily signals that reach us from our Higher Self (which is the part that knows what is good for us, the part where we eventually will go to) we encounter our own strength. This Strength is an inner ‘knowing’ that gives us the essential power to do what is good for us regardless of what anyone else may say or think. When you feel that it is good and you move forward without the need to convince anyone as to why you are doing what you do. It is like breathing and we do not have to convince anyone to breathe……

Sit quietly and breathe deeply, take a moment to focus your eyes on the middle of the image. The hologram on the front will reach your subconscious while the silver print on the back contains an energetic code. This code will ensure that the feeling that you are experiencing at that particular moment is absorbed in the right place deep in your subconscious.