The Energy of Duality helps you come to peace with your own inner duality. It helps you live in balance, in oneness and harmony, so you may continue your path in a cosmic consciousness. It helps you discover life through enjoyment and play.

For the next days I will be sharing one of the Keys of the Arcturians. Dutch Artist Janosh has created these 3-D images with its associated message. Each 3D image represents the hidden powers of sacred geometry which resonates deep within our subconscious.

If you are an introverted person because you think nobody will understand you, you will never be understood!

The spiritual path, whatever that may be, is often seen as a lonely path. Isn’t that correct? Don’t we cause ourselves to feel that way? On the spiritual path you sometimes experience things that are unbelievable. With this feeling you encounter the world outside and people around you will classify you according to where they think you belong. That’s how it works energetically. You tell your stories with diffidence but if you are able to overcome your feelings of difference you may notice that other people might find some recognition in the stories that you thought were unbelievable and couldn’t share. You will encounter people who have the same stories and ideas and you will see that you are not alone! On the other hand sometimes people do not want to know anything about your stories and they deserve your respect just as much as you deserve theirs.

Sit quietly and breathe deeply, take a moment to focus your eyes on the middle of the image. The hologram on the front will reach your subconscious while the silver print on the back contains an energetic code. This code will ensure that the feeling that you are experiencing at that particular moment is absorbed in the right place deep in your subconscious.