The Energy of Enlightenment helps you realise you are a being of light. You are the personification of Strength and Divinity.

For the next days I will be sharing one of the Keys of the Arcturians. Dutch Artist Janosh has created these 3-D images with its associated message. Each 3D image represents the hidden powers of sacred geometry which resonates deep within our subconscious.

Your presence alone might mean a big difference to someone.

When you are in a group of people, there are mixed energies, we are all made of vibrations. We shake hands, we hug each other, we talk to each other and every action mixes the energies. We listen to conversations and we catch bits of these conversations that suddenly make us realise certain things.

It feels like it is meant for us. You can radiate peace and give this peace to all troubled persons in your environment without even noticing that you are doing so. You can have routines which are quite normal to you, but these routines may mean a lot to someone else. Stay yourself when you are among people.

By doing so, you give the people around you a valuable gift without them even noticing. You might have changed a person without even noticing and with no help of the ‘ego’. You did not have to convince someone. That person alone has to convince and change himself.

That is what we call “spreading the light”. This also has its effect on the consciousness of Mother Earth.

Sit quietly and breathe deeply, take a moment to focus your eyes on the middle of the image. The hologram on the front will reach your subconscious while the silver print on the back contains an energetic code. This code will ensure that the feeling that you are experiencing at that particular moment is absorbed in the right place deep in your subconscious.