The energy of Time Shift reminds you that you have more experiences behind you than ahead of you. Time seems to be speeding up. This energy helps us to let go of the feeling that there is not enough time for so many things. There is plenty of time…….

For the next days I will be sharing one of the Keys of the Arcturians. Dutch Artist Janosh has created these 3-D images with its associated message. Each 3D image represents the hidden powers of sacred geometry which resonates deep within our subconscious.

Approach life as a game!

Generally speaking, we are pretty serious when we talk about ‘life’. Who creates that feeling, isn’t that just simply you? We could approach life as a game, a comedy series in which everyone has his or her own role. Sometimes we are busy just ‘surviving’ rather than ‘living’. ‘Living’ will appear more in the foreground if you are able to see the humour in things. When you realise that you are playing a role, you can also decide how you want to play that particular role. Imagine, before you arrived on Earth you had directed a play for yourself with certain aspects in it that you wanted to learn in your upcoming life. You have divided the roles: you have asked one soul to play your mother and another your father. For the most important and complex roles and lessons you have asked your dearest friends whether they love you enough to play, for instance, ‘the most hated person’ in your life in order to learn the biggest lessons. That will help you to know yourself better and to complete your karma.

When you arrive on Earth you have forgotten your agreements and you start your terrestrial existence. When you are capable to approach life as a game, you will never have to play a victim again! Approach life with a wink!