A lot has been written on crystal healing but I had a dream last night that as healers we have to be more consciously aware of where crystals come from, how they are mined and in what context we are using them.

In my dream the crystals were living Beings that have a consciousness that we need to respect.

Personally I have been a collector of rocks, stones, shells, feathers, crystals, leaves, butterfly wings, twigs, wood and all other pieces of nature since I was a child. It wasn’t until I visited Alice Springs, Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the early 90s that I realised the true power of material objects.

I had been happily collecting a stone from each walk that we ventured on and my back pack was filled with momentos of the beautiful sacred places I had walked upon. It wasn’t until we returned to Alice Springs from Uluru and Kata Tjuta that I felt that my back pack had become unbelievably heavy. I just knew that I was unable to take these stones out of the Territory and back to Mackay where I was living at the time.

The next day we were scheduled to visit some local Aboriginal Artists and I decided to ask them what I should do. The artists could not speak English but they seemed to understand exactly what my dilemma was. The women Elders huddled together and had a deep discussion about my problem and finally each held out a hand and I was able to give them back all of the rocks that I had collected. They nodded their agreement to me that they would look after them and I felt extremely grateful and relieved.

I learnt a valuable lesson during this trip and since then I have always been very careful that I ask permission before I touch anything that I find in nature, particularly rocks, stones and crystals. However, when it comes to purchased items I have not always applied the same rigour. I have learnt a lot about crystal healing and crystal properties but I have not consciously always sought information about their history.

A lot of the of the worlds gem stones come from mines in Brazil, where mining is primarily for gold. Gold mining uses mercury to extract the gold, and often this highly toxic substance can enter into the local waterways. Where mining occurs in Third World countries often child labour is used and there is poor adherence to health and safety. Some regulation occurs through Fair Traded minerals but these practices mainly refer to the carvers in the factories not the child labour in the mines [1].

In Edmund Harold’s book Crystal Healing, he explains that a quartz crystal being is unaware of ‘outer’ experiences.  It is caught up within it’s crystalline world.  When you choose to work with the crystal and dedicate it to Universal Purpose, it will desire to be a part of the ‘outer’ world.  Like a chick trying to break free from it’s shell, it’s electromagnetic energy will flow freely to try and release itself from its crystalline form, thus the process of evolution continues.

As per the theme of my previous dreams every aspect of our current lives is up for reassessment so that we don’t take anything for granted. I truly believe that crystal beings, like plant beings, hold valuable medicine that is available for healing but everyone and particularly healers, have to be mindful and take responsibility about ethically obtaining these items. We also need to respect the use of crystals that have their own energetic resonance, particularly crystals which have a high frequency and which can amplify the energy that they carry.

Perhaps the second question that we need to ask the crystal after receiving permission is, how can I best serve your purpose?

[1] https://www.spiritstone.com.au/spirit-stone-crystals-consciousness/