To be, or not to be, that is the question, Whether tis nobler in the minde to ſuffer. The ſlings and arrowes of outragious fortune, Or to take Armes again in a sea of troubles, And by oppoſing, end them, to die to sleepe.

Shakespeare, William. The Tragicall Historie of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke. As it hath beene diuerse times acted by his Highnesse seruants in the Cittie of London : as also in the two Vniuersities of Cambridge and Oxford, and else-where [The “First Quarto”]

‘To be or not to be‘ is the beginning of a soliloquy, or a speech made by a character when he is alone, by Hamlet, the protagonist of the play. Many people interpret this soliloquy in a variety of ways, but the main point of his speech remains the same: Hamlet tries to decide if living or dying is best.

The current eclipse season began on 1st June 2020 and ends on 8th July 2020. It contains three eclipses: A lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 5th June, a solar eclipse on the Gemini/Cancer cusp on 21st June and another lunar eclipse in Capricorn on 5th July.

Eclipse season is a time of change, whether through endings or new beginnings, felt most keenly by those with a planet or point near the eclipse degree.  We may still be affected if the eclipse falls in our sun or rising sign, even if we don’t share a degree with the eclipse.  

The change an eclipse brings is typically tied to events outside our ability to control–we can only accommodate the changes in our lives willingly or unwillingly, with acceptance or with resistance.     

Eclipses are many times stronger than a regular new or full moon, and they can activate the sign and house opposite from the one in which they occur. Eclipses expose what’s hidden from your awareness (including secrets) and bring to light essential information you need.  

So it should come as no surprise that eclipses are pretty…extra. During an eclipse season, you may encounter lots of seemingly abrupt, impulsive decisions. Against the backdrop of nonstop drama, it feels like everything is dialed up to 11. Suddenly, you’re navigating back-to-back, life-changing predicaments: Should you quit your job? Should you reconcile with your ex? Should you reinvent yourself completely?

Stakes are high, but it’s important to note that eclipses simply speed up the inevitable: Anything that happens during eclipse season was bound to happen eventually. So if you’re contemplating ending a relationship or starting a new job in, let’s say, the next year, the eclipses will make sure you do that RIGHT F*CKING THING NOW. And sure, that’s going to feel intense (how could it not?!), but at the end of the day, eclipses are activating your destiny. These powerful lunations have your best interest in mind! While solar eclipses may shut down existing situations, they’re simply clearing space for new opportunities. 

So having said all of this, today I took notice of the signs that have been coming and working with the eclipse energy quit my full time job today, which was coming anyway, in order to initiate a new destiny more aligned with my truth. What part of you needs to be released so that new opportunities may arise that are in your best interests?