This morning I woke with the word uncertainty clearly in my mind. I saw the image of a large paint tin being opened and stirred but there being no time or equipment on hand to be able to use it and of having to put the lid back on.

The message seemed to be about having an opportunity to get started on work or a project but not being able to move forward. I could see the paint being ruined by continually opening the tin and not being able to use it.

In relation to uncertainty the message seems to be about not thinking carefully through choices or by not totally committing to a choice by being unprepared.

In relation to the Coronavirus, this dream message also raises questions about the right time to move forward and about being prepared once things do open up again. It’s about putting the lid back on the project or work until the time is right and in the meantime making sure that we are getting ready to step back into life fully prepared.

The break in our normal routines may have brought some of us to a threshold where what has been before will be forever changed. It could be an internal or external change, or both, and decisions have to be made leaving you feeling uncertain about the future.

The dream message reminded me of a poem by my favourite Irish poet John O’Donohue called For the Time of Necessary Decision.

The mind of time is hard to read.

We can never predict what it will bring,

Nor even from all that is already gone

Can we say what form it finally takes;

For time gathers its moments secretly.

Often we only know it’s time to change

When a force has built inside the heart

That leaves us uneasy as we are.

Perhaps the work we do has lost its soul

Or the love where we once belonged

Calls nothing alive in us anymore.

We drift through this grey, increasing nowhere

Until we stand before a threshold we know

We have to cross to come alive once more.

May we have the courage to take the step

Into the unknown that beckons us;

Trust that a richer life awaits us there,

That we will lose nothing

But what has already died;

Feel the deeper knowing in us sure

Of all that is about to be born beyond

The pale frames where we stayed confined,

Not realizing how such vacant endurance

Was bleaching our soul’s desire.

It’s a strong poem prompting decisions and questioning indecision. It’s about thresholds. May the space you are in now bring you fully prepared to cross a threshold into future opportunities, which will bring you into a richer life.