Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic I have noticed how physically tired I have been feeling. It hasn’t felt like a usual tiredness from busyness because due to social isolating I have had far less busyness in my daily schedule than normal. Perhaps you have been experiencing this as well?

This morning I woke up with a Dream Message as to why this is so.

I was told that ‘we are getting an upgrade’ while we sleep so that our physical bodies can ‘deal with the Coronavirus’. I must have given permission for this to occur, because as previously journalled, Spirit cannot interfere ‘in the affairs of humans’ unless we give permission.

At the initial outbreak of the pandemic I was told to imagine a flame of fire above the heads of everyone I loved. This was a personal message for me because I can only work spiritually with people who have given me permission, which is my family. Hence the never ending continuing laugh of the Kookaburras reminding me of what I need to do.

In the dream I was told “but we can only do so much, you have to meet us half way by loving and caring for your body”. I was told in the dream to cut out alcohol and sugar, to drink a lot more clean pure fresh water, to get in some daily exercise and sunshine and not to ‘sweat the small stuff’ of my daily life, including work. Again another personal message for me but one that you might relate to.

Sometimes when I wake from these powerful Dreams I have to write them down straight away as I know if I wait the strength and clarity of the message will be lost. This morning was one of those Dreams and as much as the me ‘Michele’ reads and wonders about these messages, I was told that I must have FAITH in what I am writing.

I was also told that there is ‘more coming’. Unfortunately while the rest of the world reels with the oncoming thunderous waves of Coronavirus, Australia has had a reprieve, but unfortunately the Trojan Horse has arrived in the form of the Ruby Princess. The virus is here and our political leaders can only hold it back for so long.,,……

We have been given a wonderful window to ‘get our house in order’. This includes both our physical bodies and our literal homes. In the dream I was told that the next wave will include food shortages and it is important not to panic but to buy a little extra food each week that can be stored.

So, the bottom line is guys, more is coming, we have each been given an opportunity to prepare ourselves and see it through but the choice is up to each one of us. The helping, loving and healing spirits are more than keen to work with us to ensure that our physical bodies are able to deal with a new and different earth that requires us to change on every level, and help is available but we also need to help ourselves.

You can also ask family members if you can pray for them and make each circle that bit larger. Like ripples in a pond each small, concentric circle will eventually join to form ever larger circles, that can eventually encircle the earth with love and healing. This message is strong today and not given out of FEAR but out of LOVE but you need to take ACTION and have FAITH.