For the following days, I am being inspired to place the words of theosophist Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan disciple Djwhal Khul on my website. Words are energy and these words come from the Book titled “Esoteric Healing”. May these words spread light and healing to all who read them and may they be inspired to greatness within themselves.

“Law 1 – All disease is the result of inhibited soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul, so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form”. All concerns of the health of a person originate from:

  1. The sumtotal of forces, feelings, desires and mental processes which characterise the three subtler bodies and determines the life and experience of the physical body.
  2. The effect of the physical body of the condition of humanity as a whole. A human being is an integral part of humanity, an organism within a greater organism.
  3. The effect upon a person’s physical body of the planetary life, which is the expression of the life of the planetary Logos, Who is an evolving Entity.