Extract from The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades by Munya Andrews (2004, p. 137-148)

Devils Tower, Wyoming USA

For the next few days of my 460-day challenge, I am going to select words of wisdom from the 100s of books that I own. I have always been an avid reader and I also love to refer to books at random to receive the wisdom of the words that are present on the page. May you receive these words with the same joy that I discover in finding them.

The Indians called Devils Tower, ‘Bear Lodge’, because so many bears lived there and it was considered a Holy Place, because it was so different from other rocks in the area and many great Native American leaders are said to have visited the tower to seek counsel from the Great Spirit. Its sheer majesty and spiritual presence is breathtaking and is not unlike gazing on Uluru in the Central Australian desert. The similarities between the Native American and Aboriginal Australian stories of the Seven Sisters are profound, wherein both, the Sisters are said to have landed and to have used these sacred stones as their ‘launching platform’ to return to the Pleiades.

Both places contain sacred women’s law and Devils Tower is a place of special significance to the seven tribes of the Sioux nation for reasons similar to the Cheyenne, in that it marks the location of an extraordinary encounter between their ancestors and the Supreme Being White Buffalo Calf Woman. White Buffalo Calf Woman imparted spiritual laws, wisdom and prophecies to the Sioux and laid the foundation for their Seven Ceremonies.

Standing Elk revealed that White Buffalo Calf Woman is the youngest of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, confirming the connection between these stars and young women’s initiation, and their association with cycles of time.

Look as they rise, Rise up over the line, Where Sky meets the Earth. Seven Stars.

Lo! They are ascending, Come to guide us, Leading us safety, Keeping us as One.

Oh Seven Stars, Teach us to be like you, United.