The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times by Tom Soloway Pinkson (2010, p. 183).

For the next few days of my 460-day challenge, I am going to select words of wisdom from the 100s of books that I own. I have always been an avid reader and I also love to refer to books at random to receive the wisdom of the words that are present on the page. May you receive these words with the same joy that I discover in finding them.

“At a recent sweat, a CEO of an international consulting and training company was in great despair at having lost his spirituality along the way to his material success. IN the third round, I saw Spirit shoot into the lodge and enter his body Her jerked upward and burst into tears, sobbing in joy for the return of Spirit in his life. I explained to him that it was to the wise elders, to the wisdom ways themselves, and to the Indigenous People through the world still struggling to maintain their age-old teachings that we owed our thanks and our prayers. Afterwards, I emphasised the importance of regular thankfulness prayers and how this practice forms the basis for the re-sancification of daily life. I reminded him that we are sacred beings and when we forget this basic truth we dishonour ourselves and all of life. We cut ourselves off from our innate wisdom, creativity, happiness, and our potential for leading more fulfilling and meaningful lives. When we remember our true nature, Spirit at the centre of self and at the centre of everyone and everything, and when we make room for its presence in our everyday lives, we create an opening for it to work through us in a healing way. Then we can listen for guidance on how to create lifestyles that contributed to healing the planet and the full community of life.”